What do I blog about?

I believe all readers need and deserve the right book for them at the right time, and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ story. (Of course, some books might resonate for more people than other books, a la the Harry Potter revolution.)

This blog is about what has resonated for me.

I believe in life-long learning: in the pursuit of knowledge through many paths, including through books. I also focus on web resources, and will  occasionally have other generally sources of inspiration and ideas mixed in.

This blog is here to further my own pursuit of knowledge, and to help me share some of what I find along the way. (If it ever gets in the way, I’ll end it or change it. Until then, I plan to post every weekend.)

My blog will have three main types of entries:

  • Lessons I’m Learning – things I’m actively working on. Tips on what has worked for me and also learning-in-progress, where I blog as I try to incorporate new habits or lessons into my life.
  • Bookish Reviews* – Pretty self-explanatory! I will review books for teachers (since I’m training to be one), young adult and middle grade literature, and other miscellaneous books (occasional classics, picture books, and definitely popular psychology books – etc – will likely be mixed in). I will also review some movies that are based on books. For instance, The Hunger Games.
  • Lists – I will make lists of books and lists of resources as appropriate/interesting. This will help me organize some of what I’ve read or what I access, and hopefully will help you, too!

*(A note on my use of a 5-star rating system:

  • For me, a 5 star rating goes to a book that I believe is well-done and that also has in some way shaped my thinking over time. 
  • A 4 star rating goes to an excellent book. 
  • 3 stars for a good book. 
  • 2 for a fine but unexceptional book. 
  • 1 stars for a book I actively disliked. 

This follows the way I use ratings on Goodreads. All star ratings are based on my highly subjective experience – tastes vary in books as they do in most things, and I acknowledge that who you are when you read a book greatly impacts your experience of it.)


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